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Chicago Relocation

Thinking of relocating to Chicago? Chicago Neighborhood and City Guide has lots of great tips and advice on how to make the process as easy and smooth as possible. Plus, we can help you find a Chicago relocation expert who will handle every detail and guide you along the way. We also provide those relocating to Chicago with a comprehensive resource of city information to familiarize yourself with the area and its points of interest.

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Our Chicago real estate experts will take care of the details, from airport pick up to closing, leaving you the time to get to know Chicago – your new home!!

Chicago Relocation Tips

Relocating to a new destination has a few more obstacles than simply buying a home in the city where you already live. Chicago Neighborhood and City Guide has some time and money saving tips to help you prepare.

  1. Start planning well in advance. This will give you time to seek out good deals on packing supplies. Check online for discounted/affordable alternatives to in-store prices. Ask your local supermarket or other business you frequent if you can have their empty shipment boxes. Begin collecting boxes early and you'll have plenty by the time you need to move.
  2. Use loaner items or cheaper alternatives. Perhaps family members or friends who have recently moved can loan you tools, such as a packing tape dispenser. Set aside old blankets and towels to pad furniture in the moving truck, instead of renting special pads/blankets from the moving company. Collect newspapers to wrap breakable possessions as opposed to buying rolls of bubble wrap.
  3. Go room by room and label every box. Pack up a single space at a time, making sure to spread heavier items (such as books and kitchen appliances) out among the boxes so that no one box is over-weighted. Write the general category of contents on the outside of the box and indicate which room it came from. Start a month or more before the move date and do a few boxes at a time so as not to be overwhelmed by the task.
  4. Enlist friends to help. If you are not using a mover to load and unload, ask good friends and close neighbors to lend a hand on the front end. Don't forget to compensate for their hard work (maybe order pizza for the whole crew). If you already have friends in Chicago, perhaps they can help out on the flip side.
  5. Pre-move accommodations. Most likely, the night before you relocate to Chicago all of your possessions will be packed up (including your bed). Instead of booking a room at the local hotel, consider camping out in your home on an air mattress. The little ones will find this exciting and it can save a chunk of change. If you have a long haul and will be spending another overnight on the road, compare hotel/motel rates at your estimated stopping point beforehand to avoid paying more than you need to. Another option is to stay with friends/family if they are strategically located en route to Chicago.
  6. Job-related relocation reimbursement. Oftentimes, if you are relocating due to current job obligations the company will cover a portion (or all) of your relocation expenses. Talk with your employer about specific details and who their preferred movers are.

Chicago Relocation Checklist

On both ends of your move, there are a number of things you need to remember to do. This checklist touches on some of the main relocation steps. Print this out and keep on hand as you prepare for your relocation to Chicago.

  1. Schedule the move date and book a moving company or truck rental
  2. Pick up a Change of Address form from your local post office or complete the form online at
  3. Have a garage sale or donate what you do not plan to bring with you to Chicago
  4. Call utility companies to cancel or transfer your service. Contact new providers to begin service on move-in date (click here for Chicago area utilities)
  5. Set up new service for phone, cable, Internet, satellite TV, etc.
  6. Enroll your kids in their new school. There are both public and private educational options in Chicago, so be sure to research what is best for your child
  7. Transfer school, medical and dental records to new facilities
  8. Check that your current bank has convenient branches in Chicago and notify them of your address change
  9. Inform insurance companies of your move (your rates will likely be adjusted for relocation to Chicago)
  10. If you have any subscriptions to publications (e.g. magazines, newspapers, association mailers), update your mailing address with the distributor
  11. Notify all creditors of your Chicago relocation (credit cards, student loans, car payments, etc)
  12. Send out a mass email to friends and family with your new address
  13. Return Internet modem, cable box, remote controls and any other devices that belong to providers
  14. Confirm moving date and pick-up time with the movers
  15. Give the old homestead the "once over." Check every room, the garage and attic, outdoor space, cupboards and closets, etc to make sure you haven't left anything behind

Get in touch with a relocation professional

The assistance of a real estate expert is invaluable. Not only will your Chicago relocation specialist offer additional advice on making a smooth move, but he or she also helps you find that Chicago home of your dreams.

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