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Fuller Park

Fuller Park is a long, narrow neighborhood on Chicago's south side. It spans 15 blocks north and south, but only three blocks east and west. The Dan Ryan Expressway (Interstate 90/94), which forms Fuller Park's eastern border, is buffered from the residential streets by an expanse of greenery and South Wentworth Avenue that parallels the highway and turns into South Wells at West 47th Street.

Historically, Fuller Park hasn't had the easiest time. While city planners sliced the area in half in 1950 to build the Dan Ryan, virtually dividing the community in two, the neighborhood economy also took a hit when a slowdown at the Union Stockyard caused many residents to lose their jobs. Things got even worse when the stockyards closed down 21 years later. Up until the end of the twentieth century, Fuller Park's picture of health was unfortunately quite bleak as more people were moving out than coming in.

Fuller Park

But because this is a community of survivors, there has been a combined initiative by residents and the city to organize and make some positive changes. This revitalization movement included developing public parkland in the neighborhood and providing recreational opportunities such as tennis, baseball and boxing. Mother Nature was invited back into the area by creating much needed green space, which also instilled a refreshing sense of renewal to this south side Chicago neighborhood. On the architectural front, Fuller Park locals are taking action to protect the area's historic buildings with preservation efforts, especially because many of the structures were built before the Great Chicago Fire and are authentic reminders of Chicago's golden, olden days. And, in the midst of vintage home and building restoration is an additional measure to make good use of the empty lots with redevelopment.

In some pockets of Fuller Park home buyers will find glimpses of the neighborhood's architectural heritage with Queen Ann-style residences and other classic designs, especially on Wells Street and Princeton Avenue. The rest of the residential blocks offer a range of housing options, from multiunit condominiums and apartments to single-family places and three- or four-bedroom frame houses. And for those who love a project, there are many opportunities to buy a home that could use a little TLC.

Despite its challenging past, Fuller Park is in the throes of rebirth, inspired by the neighborhood's steadfast residents and a strong desire to give this residential community a fresh start.

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Dining in Fuller Park

Carr's Restaurant
6000 S Kedzie Ave
Chicago , IL 60629
Phone: (773) 925-2586
Cuisine: American
Horn Palace Bar
4189 S. Halsted
Kelley's Tavern
4403 S. Wallace
Root End Lounge
230 W. Root
Chicago Ice Cream Cart Inc.
356 W. Root

Resources in Fuller Park and Canaryville

Police Stations
Cook County Criminal Court
155 W. 51st
Chicago Police
5101 S. Wentworth
Post Office
4101 S. Halsted

Entertainment in Fuller Park and Canaryville

Union Stockyard Gate
Exchange Ave & Peoria

Shopping in Fuller Park and Canaryville

A&M Food Market
4425 S. Princeton
Corner Store
501 W. 44th
4640 S. Halsted
737 W. 51st

Schools in Fuller Park and Canaryville

Coleman Elementary
4655 S. Dearborn
Garfield Alternative High School
220 W. 45th
Graham Elementary
4436 S. Union
Graham Primary
745 W. 45th
McKinley Fellowship Headstart
4534 S. Princeton
Milton Olive APC
5125 S. Princeton
Parkman Elementary
245 W. 51st
St. Garbriel's School
4500 S. Wallace
Thomas A. Hendrick's Community Academy
4316 S. Princeton
Tilden High School
4747 S. Union