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Humboldt Park

This west side Chicago neighborhood is defined by its 200+ acre public park (aptly named Humboldt Park), where there is never a shortage of open green areas, sporting activities, community festivals and family-oriented events. Dating back to 1869, this landmark recreational lot has always been one of Humboldt Park's major draws. In fact, with the development of the park, real estate suddenly became a thing of value in the area and many folks moved from Chicago's crowded downtown district to this spacious outlying borough. A small river flows through the landscape emptying into Humboldt Park Pond and hundred-year-old trees shade the grassy expanses in between paved trails and athletic fields. Humboldt Park's serene setting is complemented by a slew of active recreation facilities, including music courtyard, boathouse, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, swimming pool, fitness center and running paths-are you exhausted yet? Well, get in a nap and then head back to the park at dusk to watch a movie on the big screen, out under the stars, or enjoy the occasional live band at the Concert in the Park series.

Humboldt Park

During the 1960s, the Humboldt Park neighborhood saw an influx of Puerto Rican immigrants who greatly contributed to the cultural diversity of the community and also infused the local eateries with regional cuisine. Check it out yourself with a visit to Borinquen Restauant. This restaurant is one of Chicago's most popular spots for Puerto Rican fare with its specialty jibarito sandwiches, chockfull of meat, veggies and cheese. Oh and the best part? The bread has been replaced by fried plantains (sort of like bananas). Sure it sounds a little strange, but once you've tried it you'll agree Subway could seriously learn a thing or two from these guys. The food at Borinquen is so good it has gained national acclaim and was highlighted by both the Food Network and Travel & Leisure Magazine. Boriquen gets pretty packed, especially since it was plugged on TV and in print, so Humboldt Parkers who want to avoid the crowds, head over to Papa's Cache Sabroso on Division Street. You can still get those tasty plantain sandwiches here, but we suggest trying one of the restaurant's slow-roasted pork and chicken dishes, served with a pile of rice and beans for about $5. You'll also find plenty of Mexican taquerias and a few pizza joints along the way. And don't forget to grab dessert at one of Humboldt Park's local bakeries, we recommend Roeser's and TipsyCake.

So now you know Humboldt Park is famous, both for its beautiful parkland and its Puerto Rican dining options. But how does the neighborhood's housing market match up? For the most part, Humboldt Park's residential streets are comprised of greystones (built in the late 1800s during the area's population rise), two-flat homes (constructed in the early 1900s), brick bungalows and frame houses (popular between 1910 and 1940), and small apartment buildings. It may be quite the mix, but the variety of architectural styles work in harmony to create Humboldt Park's eye-catching residential blocks. Leaf-covered trees, sizeable backyards and quiet streets add to the quaint neighborhood charm, making Humboldt Park a hotspot for all sorts of Chicagoans, from families to artists to young professionals.

In Humboldt Park, a one bedroom condo or loft is generally valued in the low $200,000s. Vigilant house hunters will find plenty of deals under $150,000, though. Two bedrooms knock the sale price up to around $275,000 to start and can easily reach $400,000, depending on size and amenities. And then there are three bedroom condos and townhomes (ideal for families) that run between $250,000 and $500,000. Detached single-family homes in Humboldt Park sell the quickest in this family-oriented community, thanks to extra living space and coveted yards. These individual properties have an average sales price of around $280,000 (for a three bedroom). But if you're looking for something a little more luxurious, Humboldt Park has a selection of residences in the low $400,000 to million-dollar range.

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Dining in Humboldt Park

Best Submarine
2729 W Division St
Cuisine: American
California Clipper
1002 N. California Ave
Garcia's Place
1110 N California Ave
Cuisine: Mexican
Illusion Night Club
2525 W Division St
Latin American Restaurant
2743 W Division St
Cuisine: Mexican
Marta Restaurant
1143 N California Ave
Cuisine: Mexican
Night Prowlers
3343 W Chicago Ave
Serio Cosimo
2759 W Augusta Blvd
Cuisine: Mexican
Boston Bar-B-Q
2932 W. Chicago
Flying Saucer
1123 N. California
Cuisine: American

Resources in Humboldt Park

Norwegian-American Hospital
1044 N Francisco Ave
Women's Health Ctr
1044 N Francisco Ave
Mt Sinai Hospital Medical Ctr
1500 N Fairfield Ave
Post Office
2419 W Monroe St
1635 W Division St,

Parking in Humboldt Park

1532 N Milwaukee Ave 824 N Marshfield Ave
15 N Paulina St 1640 W Jackson Blvd

Entertainment in Humboldt Park

Chopin Theatre
1543 W Division St
Still Point Theatre Collective
1337 W Ohio St
Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art
2320 West Chicago Avenue
The Ukrainian National Museum
721 N. Oakley Ave
Black Beetle Bar and Grill
2532 W. Chicago
Brother's Palace
939 N. Pulaski

Shopping in Humboldt Park

Mega Mall
2502 N Milwaukee Ave
 Luz a la Familia Books
2425 W Division
Lily's Record Shop
2733 W Division St
Music Spot
2627 W Division
2050 W. Division
 Aion Antiques
2135 W Division St

Schools in Humboldt Park

Campos High School
2739 W Division St
Chopin School
2450 W Rice St
City Colleges of Chicago
1645 N California Ave
Duprey School
1405 N Washtenaw Ave
Humboldt Community Christian
1847 N Humboldt Blvd
Lafayette Elementary
2714 W Augusta Blvd
Puerto Rican High
2739 W Division St
St. Mark School
2510 W Cortez St