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Little Village

Little Village (part of the South Lawndale Community Area) was originally settled by Irish and Eastern European immigrants in the late 1800s, after the Great Chicago Fire sent the population of Chicago rippling out from the city's center to the outlying countryside. Jobs created by industrial development in the early twentieth century also attracted residents to the Little Village area, adding to the community's strength and viability as its own independent borough. By the mid-1900s, Little Village saw a marked increase in Polish immigrants, escaping the ravages of war-torn Europe, and in the '50s a large influx of Mexicans moved to the neighborhood. Many of these new residents were transplants from neighboring Pilsen. They were displaced during the construction of the University of Illinois Chicago campus, which chewed up a large section of residential land, pushing inhabitants further west from downtown.

But is the injection of Latino culture that gives the Little Village neighborhood its vibrant and distinct character today. In fact, the neighborhood is called "Mexico of the Midwest" by many of its residents. Little Village celebrates Mexican Independence Day every September with a parade down 26th Street. It's the largest Hispanic parade in the city and attracts thousands of spectators each year who flock to the neighborhood to show support and pride for their heritage. Of course, Little Village has a wealth of great Mexican restaurants that also help to reinforce the community's strong cultural ties. The family owned Taquerias Atotonilco has been in business for over 25 years. This friendly neighborhood spot is simple, inexpensive and delicious. Prefer a menu with a Mexican-American mix? Los Dos Laredos is a popular place to eat out that features huge platters of authentic Mexican cuisine with a Tex-Mex twist.

La Villita

For a little music with your meal, stop in to La Justicia on a Friday night to catch live entertainment. The lineup isn't limited to just a traditional "cancion" here and there (although the musicians may sing in Spanish), you're just as likely to see a metal band as a band of mariachis at this place, so be prepared for anything! The list of Mexican restaurants in Little Village goes on (Sabor Mexico, Moreno's, Los Candiles, El Vitor Naco Tacos, El Fandango), but if you're looking for some good American fast food made Chicago-style, there's George's Hot Dogs and Maxwell Street Original. While George's does dogs up right, Maxwell Street serves up the original Maxwell Street Polish, piled high with grilled onions and mustard (a Chicago staple since the 1930s). But what's an American neighborhood without a local Chinese food takeout? Every dining district has at least one Chinese restaurant and Shanghai Restaurant is Little Village's. So, if you're craving oodles of noodles, egg rolls or wonton soup, you know where to go!

For cowboys and cowgirls, Little Village has two great options to spice up your dude ranch wardrobe. Herrera Western Wear and Mariano's Western Wear both have a large selection of clothing, boots and accessories. If you're in the market for a pair of shoes then you're in luck - just head to 26th Street. There's Delgado Shoe Store and Perez Shoes for more formal men's and women's footwear. For sportier kicks, check out Linda's Sport Shoes or Foot Locker. Atlantic Mall features a wide variety of toys and treats for kids as well as all sorts of party favors including piƱatas, a must for any child's birthday bash. Bargain shoppers who don't know what they're looking for until they find it will love Village Discount Outlet. This mega mark-down store stocks all kinds of odds and ends in addition to clothes for "big and tall" gentlemen and ladies.

For green spaces and recreation in Little Village, residents can make a visit the community parks. Washtenaw Park has a baseball diamond and offers up a variety of arts and crafts classes for adults as well as day camps for kids. Shedd Park is a little park in Little Village named for John G. Shedd (known to most Chicagoans as the founder of the Shedd Aquarium). There may not be an abundance of fish and sea life here, but there's plenty of room for land lubbers to have a picnic or lay out and enjoy the summer sun. Piotrowski Park is the neighborhood's largest public park and is the most popular outdoor retreat for Little Village residents. With an outside pool, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, and jogging paths (plus a soft surface play ground for tots), this good-size patch of green has something for every member of the family.

When it comes to traveling around Little Village, you've got options ... Several bus routes service the neighborhood and the "L" runs through the northern section of the area, a couple blocks from Cermak Road. The Cermak Road bus runs east/west through Little Village, as does the Blue Island/26th Street bus line, which heads through the center of the community. The Pulaski Road and Western Avenue buses operate on a north/south path along the neighborhood's western and eastern edges, and the California Avenue bus runs the same direction a few blocks over from Western Avenue. The CTA Pink and Blue lines have three stops in Little Village on the north end at Western, California and Kedzie avenues.

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Dining in Little Village

Atotonilco Taqueria
3916 W. 26th St
Chicago IL. 60623
(773) 762-3380
Birrierias Riveras Ocotlan
3809 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL. 60623
Blanco & Negro Restaurant
4043 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL. 60623
Canton Chino
3900 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL. 60623
Carrasco's tacos
4001 W. Ogden South Pulaski
Chicago IL 60623>
Celis Pizza
2609 S. Kostner
Chicago IL 60623
Church's Chicken
3216 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL 60623 -773
Coco Beach Restaurant
4377 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL 60623
Concordia Restaurant
3805 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL. 60623
Del Campo Pizzeria
3125 W. Cermak
Chicago IL 60623-3449
Dennis Pizza
3257 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL 60623
Dennis Pizza
3806 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL. 60623
Dennis Pizza
4030 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL. 60623
(773) 762-7088
Domino's Pizza
4039 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL. 60623
Dunkin Donuts
2803 S. Kezie
Chicago IL 60623
El Barzon
3002 S. Pulaski
Chicago IL 60623
El Chisme Rosticeria
3324 W. 26th ST
Chicago IL 60623
El Colonial
2400 S. Pulaski
Chicago IL 60623
El Faro Restaurant
3936 W. 31st St.
Chicago IL 60623
El Molcas Restaurant
4125 W. 26th ST
Chicago IL 60623
El Pueblo
4056 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL. 60623
El Tecolote Ostioneria y Restaurant
3519 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL. 60623
Harpers Grill
31 St. and Kedzie
Chicago IL 60623
Home Run Inn Pizza
4259 W. 31st St
Chicago IL 60623
4149 W. 31st St.
Chicago IL 60623
3425 W. 26th ST.
Chicago IL 60623
La Chaparrita Tamales
2500 S. Whipple
Chicago IL 60623
La Guadalupana
3842 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL. 60623
La Kermes
3002 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL 60623
Lalo's Restaurant
4126 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL. 60623
Lamas Birrieria
4323 W. 26th St
Chicago IL 60623
Las Gaviotas
3235 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL 60623
Los Candiles Restaurant
2624 S. Central Park
Chicago IL 60623
Los Dos Laredos Restaurant
3120 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL 60623
Los Olivos
3400 W. 31 St.
Chicago IL 60623
Lucy's Restaurant
3802 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL. 60623
Mauro Cafeteria y Neveria
3633 W. 26th St
Chicago IL 60623
Mi Tierra
2528 S. Kedzie Ave.
Chicago IL 60623
Nuevo Leon Restaurant
3659 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL 60623
4148 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL. 60623
(773) 762-9214
Piezanos Pizza
3059 S. Pulaski
chicago IL 60623
Pinedas Pizza
4150 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL 60623
Pizza Nova
3708 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL. 60623
2027 S. California
Chicago IL 60623
Puerto Del Mar
4023 W. 31st St
Chicago IL 60623
Restaurant Blanco & Negro
4043 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL 60623
Taqueria El Arco
3105 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL 60623
Taqueria El Laurel
3447 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL. 60623
(773) 522-3566
Taqueria Los Comales
3141 W. 26th St
Chicago IL 60623
Taqueria Los Gallos
4211 W. 26th St
Chicago IL 60623
The Green House
2700 S. Millard
Chicago IL 60623
Trohas Shrimp & Chicken
4151 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL. 60623
Villa del Mar Restaurant
4214 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL 60623
3058 S.Central Park
Chicago IL 60623
Goodie Goodie Chinese Restaurant
2230 S. Western Ave.
Chicago IL 60608

Resources in Little Village

Alivio Medical Center
966 W. 21st Street
2355 S. Western
Post Office
2302 S. Pulaski
Chicago IL 60623
Resurrection Project
1814 S. Paulina
Saint Anthony Hospital Programa CIELO , 2875 W. 19th St.
2826 W. Cermak
Sinai Health Systems
California Ave. at 15th St.

Entertainment in Little Village

Apollos 2000 Theater
2875 W Cermak Rd
Chicago, IL 60623-3513
Phone:  (773) 247-0200
Casino Tropical
3010 W. Cermak Rd.
Chicago IL 60623
El Nuevo Boston
3457 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL 60623
Jacaranda Club
3608 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL 60623
Latin Village Disco
3737 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL. 60623
Los Globos
2501 S. Central
Chicago IL 60623

Shopping in Little Village

Alfafera Sn. Pedor Teq.
2314 W. Kedzie
Chicago IL 60623
Aristo Craft
3001 S. Kilbourn
Chicago IL 60623
(773) 523-6618
Atlantic Mall
3948 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL 60623
Ayalas Omanental
2420 W. Kedzie
Chicago IL 60623
(773 )521-1148
C & G Music, Inc.
3125 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL 60623
Creasiones Alma
3711 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL. 60623
(773) 542-4443
Diana's Art & Crafts
3808 W.26th St.
Chicago IL 60623
(773 )762-1435
Discolandia Record Shop
3751 W. 26th St.
Chicago, IL 60623
(773) 521-2800
Discoteca Navarros
3241 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL 60623
Discount World
3253 W. 26th St,
Chicago IL 60623
Fiesta America
3501 S. Laramie Ave.
Chicago IL 60804
(708) 780-3719
Ginas Party & Crafts
3414 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL 60623
Herrera Mercantil
2602 W.26th St.
Chicago IL 60623
(773) 254-7071
House of Music
4308 W. 31st St.
Chicago IL 60623
Mexican Village Artesanias
3306 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL 60623
(773) 521-2435
Mira Descuento
3455 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL 60623
(773 )521-4341
Recuerdos Crafts & Gifts
3507 W. 26th St.
Chicago IL 60623
3617 W. 26th Street
Chicago IL 60623
(773) 522-5581
Tanya's Gift Shop & Craft
2242 S. Kedzie
Chicago IL 60623
(773) 542-9037
Varelas Discotecas
4041 W.26th St.
Chicago IL 60623

Schools in Little Village

Cardenas Modular
2406 South Central Park Avenue
Cardenas, Lazaro
2345 South Millard Avenue
Castellanos Middle School, Rosario
2524 South Central Park Avenue
Corkery, Daniel J.
2510 South Kildare Avenue
Everett, Edward
3419 South Bell Avenue
Finkl, William F.
2332 South Western Avenue
Farragut Career Academy, David G.
2345 South Christiana Avenue
Gary, Joseph E.
3740 West 31st Street
Kanoon Magnet, Gerald Delgado
2233 South Kedzie Avenue
Little Village
2620 South Lawndale Avenue
Madero Middle, Francisco I
3202 West 28th Street
McCormick, Cyrus H.
2712 South Sawyer Avenue
Ortiz De Dominguez
3000 South Lawndale Avenue
Paderewski Learning Academy, Ignace
2221 South Lawndale Avenue
Recovering the Gifted Child
2221 South Lawndale Avenue
Ruiz, Irma C.
2410 South Leavitt Street
Saucedo Scholastic Academy, Maria
2850 West 24th Boulevard
Spry, John
2400 South Marshall Boulevard
2832 West 24th Boulevard
Whitney, Eli
2815 South Komensky Avenue
Whitney Annex, Eli
2845 South Komensky Avenue
York Alternative High School, Consuella
2700 South California Avenue
Zapata Academy
2728 South Kostner Avenue