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Chicago's Magnificent Mile

North Michigan Avenue, referred to as the "Magnificent Mile," has become synonymous with Chicago retail. It is home to 460 stores and nearly 300 restaurants, and is bustling with consumers and pleasure-seekers year-round. Prestigious boutiques such as Cartier, Hermès, and Tiffany & Co., are among the high-end stores found along this fashionable shopping strip. The Magnificent Mile is also the go-to for classic department stores such as Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Macy’s.

669 N. Michigan Avenue
(312) 642-6363
Niketown is a cool, interactive store selling all the latest in Nike athletic wear. There are several levels of merchandise that includes men’s, women’s and children’s active apparel. Each area is devoted to an individual sport, from cycling to soccer to yoga. Sound’s like your typical sporting goods store, right? Not quite… At Niketown customers are invited to try out the merchandise before purchasing – there’s even an indoor half-basketball court for shoppers to test their new sneakers in a “real-life” setting. Niketown is also the resting place for some very famous artifacts, like Michael Jordan’s shoes, and everywhere you look video screens and displays enlighten visitors with pointers from the pros and the history of sports.

Apple Store
679 North Michigan Avenue
This super state-of-the-art computer and electronics store is the stomping ground for everyone from techies to casual shoppers. In addition to stocking all the newest Mac products, the place is set up with tons of computer and iPod stations where customers can play with the latest “toys” firsthand. The laptops are equipped with Internet connection, so visitors can even check their email and search the web while checking out the next generation of Mac technology. The Apple Store hosts all sorts of workshops and events at its Magnificent Mile location, too. You can get free tutorials on how to set up and operate your new computer and its functions, or get a quick lesson on using your iPod and how to download music from iTunes. And, if you ever have problems with your Apple gadgets, you can bring them back to the store for the Mac staff to de-bug or repair.

Louis Vuitton
919 North Michigan Avenue
For the best in handbags, shoes and ultra-chic apparel, Louis Vuitton has a location on the Magnificent Mile in the heart of Chicago’s upscale shopping district. The signature Louis Vuitton pattern is a symbol of status that fashionistas are willing to pay big bucks for – and this is one of the only places in town to find it. No, that guy with the suitcase full of bags and sunglasses does not count as a reputable Louis Vuitton salesperson…

Disney Store
717 North Michigan Avenue
This fanciful Magnificent Mile toy store is an attraction in itself – families come from all over just to visit the Wonderful World of Disney and purchase souvenirs for the little ones. Like a magnet, the Disney Store attracts small children with a force so strong parents have no power to contest its pull. Once inside, the wall-to-wall inventory of all things Disney transports customers to a magical playland where, unfortunately, everything has a price tag. But who can put a dollar amount on a child’s happiness, right? The rows of stuffed animals, action figures, costumes, trinkets, DVDs, books, etc. cover every Disney character, from the classics (Snow White and Cinderella) to the futuristic (Buzz Lightyear and Space Mickey). The complete the experience, a movie screen in the back of the store shows favorite Disney cartoons while you shop. 

Crate and Barrel
646 North Michigan Avenue
Whether or not you’re in the market to spice up your home accessories, the eye-catching architecture of the Magnificent Mile Crate and Barrel is sure to grab your attention. The four-story circular glass atrium encases a series of suspended escalators that are visible from outside the store. Each level of the building has floor-to-ceiling windows, showing off the supply of fabulous house wares and goods available inside. The interior showrooms are packed with every item for the kitchen, dining room, living room, outdoor deck and more. Crate and Barrel caters to the time of year, so the inventory is constantly being replaced with seasonally appropriate merchandise and cute holiday patterns.

Men's and Women's Clothing & Accessories

Banana Republic
744 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago , Illinois 60611
Phone: 312-642-0020
Benetton 012
520 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago , Illinois 60611
Phone: 312-494-9161
Bottega Veneta
800 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago , Illinois 60611
Phone: 312-664-3220
633 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago , Illinois 60611
Phone: 312-787-2500
Filene's Basement Inc.
830 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago , Illinois 60611
Phone: 312-482-8918
555 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago , Illinois 60611
Phone: 312-494-8580
Giorgio Armani
800 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago , Illinois 60611
Phone: 312-751-2244
Gucci Shops Inc.
900 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago , Illinois 60611
Phone: 312-664-5504
605 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago , IL 60611
Phone: 312-440-9665
110 E. Oak Street
Chicago , Illinois 60611
Phone: 312-787-8175
Louis Vuitton
919 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago , Illinois 60611
Phone: 312-944-2010
600 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago , Illinois 60611
Phone: 312-280-7506
142 E. Ontario Street
Chicago , Illinois 60611
Phone: 312-440-0662
Paul Stuart
875 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago , Illinois 60611
Phone: 312-640-2650
Ralph Lauren
750 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago , Illinois 60611
Phone: 312-280-1655
Salvatore Ferragamo
645 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago , Illinois 60611
Phone: 312-397-0464

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