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Lacey 5762N to 5772N N 4700 W
La Crosse 6348N to 6458N N&S 4832W
Lafayette 5500S to 12350S S 30W
Lafayette Pl 8E to 32E E 3600S
LaSalle 150 W
Laflin 356N to 12258S N&S 1500W
Laflin Pl 3612S to 3656S S 1500W Private
Lake 234E to 5968W E&W 200N
Lake Park 428E at 2400S to 1517E at 5658S S
Lake Shore Dr 934W at5658N to 2024E at 6200S N&S
Lake Shore Dr 140E at 250E E 1000N
Lake Shore Dr Burnham Park W 500S
LakeSide Pl 748W to 954W W 4732N
Lakeside 4732 N
Lakeview 2400N to 2750N N 400W
Lakewood 2056 N to 6934N N 1300W
Lambert 5700N to 5718N N 4824W
Lamon 5480N to 6458S N&S 4900W
Lamon Av 4300S to 4374S S 4900W private
Landers 5900N to 6246N N 5000W
Langley 3900S to 13399S S 700E
Langley Ave 1310S to 13383S S 700E (private)
Lansing 5700N to 5890N N 4900W
Laporte 5459N to 6458S N&S 4932W
Laporte Ave 4300S to 4332S S 4932W private
  Laramie 5360N  6310S S 5200W
Larchmont 1800W to 1942W W 3932N
Larned 5200N to 5358 N 5232W
La Salle Dr 150W to 60E Lincoln Park E&W
Larrabee 658N to 2158N N 600W
LaSalle 316N to 1724N   N 140W
LaSalle St 230N to 12528S N&S 140W
Las Casas 5658N to 5698N N 4934W
Latham 5434N to 5464N N 4000W
Latrobe 5386N to 6440S N&S 5232W
Lavergne 5158N to 6458S N&S 5000W
Lawler 5490N to 6443S N&S 5032W
Lawndale 6354N to 1142S N&S 3700W
Lawrence 748W to 9100W W 4800N
Lawrence Dr Lincoln Park W 4800N
Lawrence Wilson Dr Lincoln Park N
Leader 5900N to 6340N N 5124W
Leamington 5332N to 6322S N&S 5132 W
Leavenworth 5534N to 5552N N 5300 W
Leavitt 6510N to 10658S N&S 2200W
Leavitt 3900S to 3950S S 2200W Private
LeClaire 5368N to 6450S N&S 5100 W
Lee Pl. 2000W to 2058W W 740 N
Legett 5972 N to 6388N N 5145 W
Lehigh 6336N to 7158N N 5400W
Lehman  Ct 2700N to 2736N N 600W
LeLand 742W to 8766W W 4700N
Le Mai 6200N to 6442N N 5232 W
Lemont 5800N to 6350N N 5000 W
LeMoyne St 1200W - 5958W W 1500N
LeMoyne Dr. Humboldt Park W 1500 N
Lenox 6100 to 6358N N 5124W
Leona 6200N to 6404N N 5150W
Leonard 5558N to 5942N N 5248 W
Leoti 6152N to 7046N N 4924W
Leroy 6200N to 6424N N 5200W
Lessing 800N to 868N N 928W
Lester 4900N to 4946N N 5500W
Levee 1532W to 1566W W 2724S
Lexington 540W to 5344W W 728S
Leyeden 13700S to 13796S S 200E
Liano 5200N to 5276N N 5256W
Liberty 700W to 742W W 1344S
Lieb 5200N to 5466N N 5444W
Lightfoot 6600N to 6758N N 5924W
Lill 800W to 1456W W 2534N
Leavitt 2200 W
Lee 740 N
Lehmann 528 W
Leland 4700 N
Lessing 928 W
Lill 2534 N
Lincoln 164W at 1800N 3551W at 6374N Crosses At Walls 200W at 1800N Sedgwick 400W at 2000N Halsted 800W at 2400N Racine 1200W at 2800N Ashland 1600W at 3200N Ravenswood 1800W at 3600N Damen 2000W at 4000N Leavitt2200W at 4400N Western 2400W at 4800N N
Lincoln 3900S at 3950S S 1900W (Private)
Lincoln Park West 1800N to 2358N N 300 W
Lind 5200N to 5324N N 5300 W
Linden Pl 2400N to 2558N N 3000W
Linder 5864N to 6458S N&S 5500W
Lipps 4804 N to 4892N N 5300 W
Lister 2200N to 2364 N N 1830 W
Lithuanian Plaza Ct 2400W to 2758W W 6900 S
Lituanica 3100S to 3830 S S 900 W
Livermore 6200N to 6260 N N 5520 W
Lloyd 2930 S to 3038 S S 1300 W
Lock 2800S to 3084 S S 1500 W
Lockwood 5740 N to 6458 S N&S 5300 W
Locust 200W to 424 W W 900 N
Locust 436W to 532W W 914 N private
Logan Blvd. 2800N at 2217 W 2600N to 3166W W
Logan Sq 3118W to 3214 W W 2608 N
Loleta 6600N to 6860 N N 5826 W
London 4732N to 4766N N 5348 W
Long 5540 N to 6458 S N&S 5400W
Longmeadow 4930 W at 6348 N (no numbers on this street N
Longwood Dr 2100W at 8700S to 2200W at 118648S S
Loomis 365N to 12258S N&S 1400 W
Loomis Blvd 4700S to 8656S S 1400 W
Loomis Pl 3600S to 3758S S 1416W private
Loop Dr Washington Park S 500 E
Lorel 2458 N to 6458S N&S 5332 W
Loring 5202N to 5324N N 5450 W
Loron 6600N to 6892N N 5900 W
Lothair 11144S to 11472S S 2000W
Lotus 5558N to 5458S N&S 5432 W
Louise 5814N to 6324N N 4900 W
Lovejoy 5102N to 5468N N 5444W
Lowe 2400S to 12943S S 632W
Lowell 1600N to 6360N N 4332 W
Loyola 1000W to 1954W W 6550 N
Lucerne 6054N to 6066N N 5100 W
Ludlam 5200N to 5464N N 5470W
Luella 7100S to 13758S S 2232E
Lumber 1800S to 2374S S 401 W
Luna 5880N to 5458 S N&S 5532 W
Lundy 6200N to 6316N N 5600W
Lunt 1110W to 7760W W 7000N
Lunt Av Circle Dr Loyola Park W 7000N
Luther 2600W to 2658W W 2442 S
Lyman 2900S to 3098S S 1028 W
Lyndale 2001W to 4560W W 2232N
Lyon 9300S to 9434 S S 628 E
Lytle 612S to 1140 S S 1242 W
Lyndale 2332 N
Macchensney Ct 300N to 340 N N 72 E
Madison Ave Park 1200E to 1380E E 5046S private
Madison 40E to 5968W E&W Baseline
Magnet 5300N to 5449 N N 5642 W
Magnolia 1400N to 6474 W N 1232 W
Major 5858 N to 6458 S N&S 5700W